Sunday, February 12, 2012

Start of a good trend.

    Since the start of Feburary I have been making the effort to put my plan that I have been trying to widdle and work at for many years. One of my biggest problems is never getting enough sleep and this has been an issue for a very long time. Staying up through gaming did not help and it often kept me awake which prevented me from falling asleep right away. Not to fret though as I have ended most of my nights at around 1030 and settle down by 1130. Everything has been shaping up pretty well for me, truth be told. I have had some ups and downs that have really gotten me down but I am fighting through it like usual.

    I have fantastic friends and honestly, without them, without the people I have met over the years; all this would have been really hard. My family and my friends have been my support but the biggest of them all, is of course, my parents. They have given me everything I need to work through my troubles. Ensuring that my quality of happiness is present. 2010 and 2011 probably marked a turning point in my emotional and health well-being. I was all over the place and I could not focus properly. The strange part is that as I think into the past, I was so entangled in being alone and not having close friends at the time I grew extremely attached to someone who was once very close to me.Long story short, this left me very troubled and unfocused with my studies and personal life.

    Comes New Years of 2012 I stay down with myself and cracked open all my journals that I wrote in during the course of the two years. My rants, my emotional offload, my day (when I did write in them) to day thoughts and told myself that it is time to move on. The past is the past once again and we all have to move forward.
Since the start of the new year I have taken on a more indicative self-confidence and it has worked out. Being  confident in yourself allows yourself to put trust into your choices. Taking those steps and pushing yourself forward grows you stronger. Take what you have learned through your experiences and apply it forward. Don't let it waddle you down. It has been a busy and rough start but I have been getting my sleep in and sorting out all the different issues that accumulated to my various emotional states. However, this year has been a clean and very fresh start. I have made many different improvements and constantly reminding myself to put myself first. Friends will understand when you say no to them that you cannot join them or if you have prior obligations. I spend less time worrying about that now.

    The key ingredient is staying positive and keeping your head high. We all go through our various emotional states and problems. One needs to find time between all the chaos to sit down and review the past and the present. Think about how you can change and grow from what has happened. Sometimes we will continue to stride into the same watery situations but that is alright because we want to try. The question and test is how we handle the aftermath. Moving along, I am preparing to make some major changes and it will involve in me being more productive. Resisting the urge to game at night and getting work done.

How is everyone else doing for the new year?.