Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fixing the loose ends.

    As April looms to a closing end, I look back and realize I have to hurry it up. Since January up to now I have been slowly working out various issues. I thought I would have it all pat down by February but that is not the case. I am still struggling with school because of my lack of energy. This results in me not being able to focus properly and is the same reason why I have not kept up with my exercise program because of the physical drain.

    When you spend whatever last bit of energy you contain in keeping yourself afloat. Trying to ward of cravings, the body wanting to eat because it feels like it does not have enough energy, Fighting past it and making progress. I just hope that it isn't too late to fix it all. With the way schools and jobs are based on such specifics. It feels disheartened to try cause I've pretty much trashed my transcript over and over and over. However, my passion to learn and taking schooling won't burn out any time soon.

    Everyone goes through different ups and downs. Different reasons behind them which sometimes makes a simple problem become a bigger one; more than it should. Our mental psyche comes into question when presented with said problems. Our personal values come into effect and how we have interacted with the problem or person(s).

I have very few close friends and even then there are not many I share certain personal details with. I can be a really weird person at times and a bit unusual when I'm run down and low on energy.