Saturday, November 10, 2012

Other peoples drama

The ex of the brother of the girl I like live in the same house. Recently, it would seem the drama has gotten worse which has led said brother to remove me from Facebook. I barely know the ex so I don't quite see how I can be associated with the person except for the fact I have her on Facebook too.

Anyways, long story short, I can only hope this doesn't effect the relationship/friendship I have going with the girl. Things have been going well and I will be an upset camper if this silly drama gets in the way.

What does one do when other peoples drama may effect you? Nothing really, you can only hope for the best  and see how things unfold. All I can do is stay level headed and just ignore it. Not like anybody mentions it to me much anyways.

On the other note, hopefully getting to go to Science World on Sunday! Nothing official yet but hey, I'm in no rush and taking things one step at a time is usually the best way to approach things. I have not been to Science World for a long time either. It should be fun! Expensive entry cost though yikes.

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