Monday, October 22, 2012

Positive energy

Around the start of the Summer I started trying to get into bed early.Throughout the years one of my biggest problem is sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep pulls me down and lets the emotional stress get in. Which leads to a cycle of not getting proper sleep, feeling worn out and not being able to do anything. However, things have been doing better in the recent months 
and getting into bed early has provided a much needed boost in energy.

It is a enjoyable feeling having my mind back on track. I do not feel as flustered or empty on a regular basis. Getting up in the mornings and enjoying the wake up, making breakfast and the lot is very relaxing. Restoring my energy has been a top priority for years and I am very happy to be on the right track now. Onward to some news.

In the last two months I've had a few slow moments but it has also been filled with some good events happening throughout the month. For the people who know me, I play paintball quite a bit on the weekends but I also help promote a local company here in Vancouver, BC that sells paintball markers. Ever since they released their new flagship marker the MILSIG Paradigm Pro, I have been working on reviews, details and general information for the marker itself and helping promote the niche market of magazine-fed play within the paintball community which has been very exciting for me. It is the first time I am getting into doing some reviews and interviews by video and testing out on how to do reviews or instructables via my DSLR. I look forward to doing more and hope to pick up some sponsorships from MILSIG for events.

All in all, post-summer season is coming along and all I have to do now is keep up with school work and exercise and the rest will be smooth sailing. All the best! 

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