Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here is to a new start.

Here is a new start to 2012. A brand new year and the clock is ticking. The previous year was a chance to wrap things up and its time to get things on the move.

This place will act as my journal and where I will write my journal content when I sit down and open it up to post them in this collective world. Don't fret though, The Journey of Shroker is the main site and is sort of not connected with this blog but I will have a link on there to here. My main blog is, well my main blog.

This will grow with my just like Xanga grows with me. Over the days and months we will look back and think "Those are the times".

Anyways, time to go to the bank. Thought I would whip something up as a introductory post. As most of the posts people find here will be in the first person view.

Its usually only the posts I write as a "blog post" I will likely share to my page.

Happy New Yesrs everyone!


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